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Reasonable Faith

The website of William Lane Craig who is one of the leading Christian Apologists in the world. This site has scholarly articles, great resources, links to some of his debates, and much more. This is a great site for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of apologetics.
  • Click here to listen to William Lane Craig expose the week argument posed by atheist Peter Atkins.
The website of Ravi Zacharias who is

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also one of the leading Christian Apologist in the World. Ravi Zacharias does a weekly broadcast where he addresses numerous apologetic topics.

This is the website of JP Moreland. JP is a philosophy professor at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University and has written numerous books and scholarly articles. This site is a great resourse with some great articles on apologetic issues.
This is a debate between William Lane Craig and Sam Harris on “Is God Necessary for Morality.” This is a great debate as William Lane Craig dismantles Harris’ week and emotional arguements.
This is a great debate between William Lane Craig and the late Christopher Hitchens on the existence of God.
CARM stands for Christian Apologetics Resource Ministry and it is a great apologetic resource. This site also has some great information on other religions and belief systems.
  • For great information on Jehovah Witness click here.
  • For great information on Mormonism click here.
Discovery Institute is an inter-disciplinary community of scholars and policy advocates dedicated to the reinvigoration of traditional Western principles and institutions and the worldview from which they issued. Discovery Institute has a special concern for the role that science and technology play in our culture and how they can advance free markets, illuminate public policy and support the theistic foundations of the West.

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